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Get your Home Heating system ready for winter

The cold weather has arrived, and while some of us are looking forward to skiing, snowmobiling and winter sports, no one is looking forward to getting their home heating bill. However, there are some ways to turn the heat on without having to see your dollars flying out the door at the same time.

This is a good time to have a professional inspection done of your furnace. Your furnace will work safely and much more efficiently if it's in top condition, and an inspection will ensure that pilots and air vents are unobstructed, worn out filters are replaced, and blowers and coils are clear and ready for action. If you have a forced air heating system, you might also want to invest in a duct cleaning. Now that your windows and doors will usually be closed, it's the perfect time to clear out the dust, pollen and other allergens that have built up in your home over the summer. Clean vents will also contribute to your furnace running cost-efficiently.

Another worthwhile investment to consider is a thermostat timer. This device will allow you to set back the temperature by a few degrees overnight, or when you are out of the house, but bring the temperature back to comfort level by the time you get up or return home. The energy savings could easily pay for the unit in the first winter, so future savings will be money in your pocket.

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Published Thursday, January 11, 2007 8:09 PM by Jordan Epstein

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