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Do you have Real Estate needs far from home?

Today’s real estate consumer has far more complex real estate needs than the homebuyers and sellers of past generations.  Gone are the days when Mom and Pop would buy a modest home, raise their family there and frequently live in the same place for many years.  Today’s very mobile society is also an affluent one – many in the ‘baby boomer’ generation have already inherited their parents’ assets and their real estate needs have changed to reflect this.  Homebuyers and sellers today are dealing with such current realities as estate homes that need to be sold, children who need residence housing for college, vacation homes or even income or investment properties.  Many of these situations call for real estate help in places that are far from home, either in another city, or province or even in another country.  If this sounds like you, it may surprise you to know that your best first step in handling these distant real estate needs is right here at home with your local Coldwell Banker real estate professional.


If you’re thinking of buying in another area, your Coldwell Banker professional can get you started before you ever leave home.  Through their many financing contacts, they can help you pre-qualify for a mortgage and lock in a favourable interest rate.  They’ll even help you to ‘crunch the numbers’ to see how much home you can afford.  If you haven’t decided on a location, your Coldwell Banker representative can help you evaluate the features, characteristics and average home prices for various communities, so you can make an informed choice. 


If you plan to sell property in another community, your local Coldwell Banker professional can help make things happen.   They can tell you how prices for similar homes where your sale property is located compare against your present location.  They can put you in touch with a trusted and proven Coldwell Banker representative wherever your destination market.  After all, our global network has 127,700 professionals in 31 countries and territories worldwide. 


So don’t think that you have to jump on a plane or drive for hundreds of miles before you can get serious about real estate outside your current market.  With just a call to your local Coldwell Banker professional, you can put things in motion from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Feel free to contact me anytime for a referal to a Coldwell Banker agent in your area, at www.epsteinrealestate.com

Published Monday, January 29, 2007 12:01 PM by Jordan Epstein

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