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New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners

Many Canadians look upon the New Year as a good time to resolve to improve our condition, or give ourselves a new look, but what about your most important investment?  The start of a new year can also be the right time to make a resolution to make your home safer, or more efficient.  The good news is, these changes might even save you some money in the process.  And what better way to start the year off right?

A good starting point is resolving to make your home more energy efficient.  There are several low cost, easy to implement alternatives that can help make a difference in our environment, and your pocketbook.  For example, for a very minimal investment in the $50 range, you can buy a thermostat timer.  This will allow you to pre-set your thermostat to turn back a few degrees after you go to bed at night, and turn the temperature back up before you get up each morning.  If you’re normally out of the house during the day, you’ll gain even more savings and still return to a comfortable environment after work each day.  Many gas and heating oil providers, as well as various government bodies offer rebates on the purchase of programmable thermostats and other energy-saving equipment.  Make sure you check out a few of their websites to familiarize yourself with the terms of their various offers before you buy.

Lighting is another simple yet effective energy and cost saving device.  Timing switches for prompt shut-off of outdoor lights, or lights that are only activated by motion sensor can be very effective.  Indoors, dimmer switches and the new longer-lasting energy efficient light bulbs are good money savers too. 

Home safety is another important New Year’s resolution for Homeowners.  Start off your new year by checking the function of all smoke alarms (and if it’s not wired into the house current, replace the batteries).  There should be working smoke alarms installed on every floor of your house and outside all bedroom areas.  You should also consider installing a Carbon Monoxide detector and have a furnace inspection each year to be sure it’s running safely and efficiently.  You might even want to consider a Home Security system.  While it can be a larger investment, you may find that your Home Insurance company will offer you a lower premium if you have a security system, which can help offset the cost.

Perhaps you’re also considering a major home improvement in the New Year.  That’s where your local Coldwell Banker® professional can help.  They know what improvements appeal most to home buyers and how various projects will impact the resale value of your home.  Why not call to find out more and start your New Year off right!

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Published Friday, January 4, 2008 10:36 PM by Jordan Epstein


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