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What’s selling and what’s not?

In today’s challenging real estate market, people are full of questions about the real estate market.  As your local Coldwell Banker sales representative will tell you, one of the first questions most consumers ask is What’s selling these days?’  


If you’re thinking of selling, you’ll be pleased to know that homes are selling when they’re well-prepared for sale and priced right.  The reason is because people buy and sell homes for lifestyle reasons.  Births, marriages, new jobs, retirement and other demographic factors all drive the market, even in times of economic downturn.  However, in today’s increasingly competitive market, you need the advice of a full-service professional, who knows market conditions and a home’s competition and can use this critical information in readying your home for sale.


In today’s market, successful sellers are those who have become more realistic in setting their asking price.  They understand that a home isn’t a winning lottery ticket; it’s a place to raise a family and build equity over time.  Your local Coldwell Banker representative can give you the straight facts on what comparable homes are selling for right now in your market.  They can show you actual sales activity so you know what prices the market will bear.  They can also talk to you about time on market, and let you see for yourself what’s not moving.  They can also answer the all-important question of why it’s not moving.


Make no mistake, prospective buyers are out there. They’re recognizing that there is tremendous value in today’s market as lowered mortgage rates and adjusting prices have resulted in some of the best home affordability we’ve seen in many years. It’s just a matter of knowing how to create a pricing and marketing strategy that will maximize your chances to attract buyers and win offers.


If you’re thinking of selling, why not give me a call?  Together, you can develop a strategy to get you a great result.  Then the next time someone asks what’s selling in your neighbourhood, the answer will be – your house!


Published Tuesday, April 28, 2009 9:47 AM by Jordan Epstein

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