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Recipe for Successful Reno Projects

Spring is the time of year when most homeowners, who have been kicking around the idea of renovation, drive ahead with determination. Perhaps you are trying to freshen up a place you bought in winter or are trying to prepare your house for a sale this summer. But before you charge ahead, I thought you might like to know My Recipe for a Successful Reno .

My successful renovation recipe includes the careful blending of 10 critical ingredients that I picked up from an article by Erin Zagar at . The site is packed with helpful renovation resources and completely free, so I included a few links you might find valuable. I was told that they are launching a new web site next week and will be giving away Cruises for 2 plus a $75,000 Dream Kitchen, visit next week to enter!

 Ingredients for My Recipe for a Successful Reno…1 Part Funding:  It's best to have a firm idea as to what you can afford. That doesn't necessarily mean what the bank will give you or what savings you have. It is more about what you are comfortable spending and ultimately what you can afford to pay monthly after everything is said and done.

1 part Assessment: Take time to look at the home, understand what works, what doesn't work, what will need repairing to protect your equity and above all understand the limitations of what you can and cannot do to the house.

1 part Focus : What do you really NEED! Stuff that appears regularly in magazines is wonderful; define if it will add value to your home or your family life.

2 parts Qualified Advisors : First you need a designer [Find Interior Design Inspiration ], someone preferably who has focused their practice in renovation and residential design. Other specialists in the Design realm include Interior Decorators and Engineers, these individuals may have experience in renovation design however make sure they are qualified to design the look you are after and that they hold credentials for obtaining permits.

The next professional you will need on your team is a Renovation Contractor. The first word being key, as you want to make sure your contractor is properly licensed and has experience in renovation since the work and skill necessary to do a good job is very different from other construction work.

1 part Permits: No matter what anyone says, permits are necessary. As you are aware there are many television shows that demonstrate work completed by unskilled or unqualified builders or do-it-yourselfers [View CBC Marketplace video, “ How not to Get Nailed ”]. If you try to side step the legal process you could be in a mess one way or another without a permit.

Last but not least… 4 parts Patience: and a lot of it!

First don't rush into anything… take the time to learn, research and ensure what you are moving forward fits your focus and funding criteria.

Second…. Take lots of care with researching where and to whom you spend your money on. Check references, follow up with past clients, see the materials, workmanship and finished products in their operational and finished form.

Third, expect the unexpected. Professionals will try to predict what might be found but they will also be able to address any situation that comes up if it meets your goals and budget.

Finally, the time it takes for permit, construction and completion is the time it takes. Relax, enjoy the process and find creative ways to minimize the stress and distract your family while waiting for your project to materialize. It will be worth it!

Take the time to appreciate and complete each part before blending into the mixing bowl. Stir gently and bake for approximately 2-6 months while preparing your project drawings. Serve with good design and a few special upgrades and you will enjoy your Reno project for many years to come. Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.
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Published Thursday, March 29, 2007 2:37 PM by Jordan Epstein


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