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What's your investment risk tolerance?

In recent times, we've seen the stock market rise and fall, soar and crash, with investors holding on white-knuckled as the roller-coaster ride continues. Some people enjoy the exhilaration of what is often an unpredictable investment approach. But for many of us, the stress and unease that accompanies investing in a volatile and relatively short-term arena like the stock market, is unwanted and unwelcome. Most of us think of it as a necessary evil. But is it really?

By examining your goals, options and strategies, you may find that your situation is more suited to investing in real estate. Consider the following:

  • Real estate is generally considered a very sound long-term investment. Do you have a need for a short-term return, or can you afford to let your money work for you for an extended period? If you have time, then investing in real estate could be the right choice for you.
  • As a long-term investment, real estate has traditionally performed well in times of political uncertainty and economic downturn. Can stocks, commodities or equities make that claim?
  • Since real estate is a long-term investment, it generally does not require the close daily – or even several times a day – monitoring that's typical of many more volatile investments. Do you have the time available to monitor your investment this frequently?
  • Real estate has the ability to deliver you a return on your investment in several different ways, including renting the home out as an income property, renting a portion of it to help offset mortgage payments, upgrading it to ‘flip' it for a good return or holding it to wait for property values to appreciate.
  • Investing in real estate provides you with a tangible asset that you and your family can potentially enjoy for years to come.

Want more help in determining whether investing in real estate is the right answer for you? Then contact me at I will be happy to sit down with you to help you explore all your options. Then, it's your move!

Published Monday, August 20, 2007 4:39 PM by Jordan Epstein


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